Parody of Paradoxes

Life-giving death

I am a star, slowly dying,
but at least I know
that I have lived,
unlike all the dead planets,
that came never into the joy
of sacrificing themselves
and giving life to the world.

This life is much better
than those
who never die,
but never begin to live…


The abstract scientist

I remarked
that scientists are observers
of the external world

while artists
are observers
of the iternal world.

I am the one
who’s looking
inside myself

and see the reflection
of how my subconsciousness recognizes
the outside world…

Therefor am I looking at both;
the outside
and the inside.

It’s like I am inside a box staring at the outside
and at the same time
I’m outside the box staring at the inside.

The subconsciousness opens doors
we never thought
could be real.

I see the distorted,
maybe mirrored reality,
but it’s still a version of the real world.

I am the abstract scientist.
– recognizing the view
between mirrors.

Philosophical bluntness

My dear,
you think about things
that can’t be put into words.

You wish to be a poet,
but your heart is too frozen
for your poems are far too intellectual.

Your words
are as blunt
as stone.

But your intentions
have the sharpness
of a razor’s edge.

With logic
you kill
every glimpse of emotion.

Stuck in your cold world of logical sequences
your words fail to form
precious sentences.

Your poems leave no place for emotions,
your philosophical bluntness
is destroying every kind of beautiful touch.

But do your readers know
that logic itself
offers a kind of high inner beauty?

Is logic really as blunt as imagined?
Or is it just a highly abstract beauty
only a few can grasp?

A beautiful mind

From the outside
you may say
that this mind
is beautiful.

But my dear,
don’t dare to posses this mind
for it’s a universe,
a world full of
crazy reactions
no human can ever seem to handle…

My dear,
believe me,
it’s not easy to have the mindset
of a “lunatic”.

I’m not insane at all,
my dear,
it’s just
I live in another reality.

You may look into my tired eyes
and yet
you are able to gaze at
my very own universe…

My dear,
do you recognize the stars
and galaxies
behind my eyes?

They are products
of infinite struggle,
unbearable pressure
and pain…

They lighten my
but they are wisps
as well;

Introspection closes the loop;
I’m a black hole
and yet
an entire universe…

Igniting the fire of contraries

Deep inside myself
there is a struggle.

And you can see
the contraries grate against each other,
ignite the eternal fire of my soul,
touch the impulsive flame of madness…

…living in the cycle
of creation and destruction.

Deep down

Deep down inside ourselves
we can find the infinities
of the universe revealing themselves
in the light of darkness.

Deep down
in the ocean of the dark unknown
we can find the high sky of enlightenment…

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