Parody of Paradoxes



The mathemagician

The mathematician
is indeed a magician
for he plays with numbers
like they were some kind
of juggle balls.

He speaks the language of the universe,
the language of logic;
Speaking in analogies
he combines equations
like the chemist combines toxic elements…

– they are the words
of logical thought,
are capable to tell stories
about the universe’s very first days.

The mathemagician’s passion
is to find analogies
between analogies,
just like the writer
searches for metaphors…

He searches for understanding the cosmos…
In dialoque with the universe
he begins to wonder and wander
across the ocean of infinite possibilities…

Fervor with measure,
passion with exactness,
that’s the ultimate of mathematics;
Connecting the details
to create the big puzzle…

Holistic thinking
clashes together
with reductionistic thinking…
That’s when the details coalesce
to one big picture.

The mathemagician loves riddles,
is as fascinated like a child discovering something new.
Nothing can stop the mathemagician’s curiosity
from finding out
by what the world is held together in its innermost…

and fascination;
that’s what drives him
– almost crazy…


Philosophical bluntness

My dear,
you think about things
that can’t be put into words.

You wish to be a poet,
but your heart is too frozen
for your poems are far too intellectual.

Your words
are as blunt
as stone.

But your intentions
have the sharpness
of a razor’s edge.

With logic
you kill
every glimpse of emotion.

Stuck in your cold world of logical sequences
your words fail to form
precious sentences.

Your poems leave no place for emotions,
your philosophical bluntness
is destroying every kind of beautiful touch.

But do your readers know
that logic itself
offers a kind of high inner beauty?

Is logic really as blunt as imagined?
Or is it just a highly abstract beauty
only a few can grasp?

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