Parody of Paradoxes



A beautiful mind

From the outside
you may say
that this mind
is beautiful.

But my dear,
don’t dare to posses this mind
for it’s a universe,
a world full of
crazy reactions
no human can ever seem to handle…

My dear,
believe me,
it’s not easy to have the mindset
of a “lunatic”.

I’m not insane at all,
my dear,
it’s just
I live in another reality.

You may look into my tired eyes
and yet
you are able to gaze at
my very own universe…

My dear,
do you recognize the stars
and galaxies
behind my eyes?

They are products
of infinite struggle,
unbearable pressure
and pain…

They lighten my
but they are wisps
as well;

Introspection closes the loop;
I’m a black hole
and yet
an entire universe…


Igniting the fire of contraries

Deep inside myself
there is a struggle.

And you can see
the contraries grate against each other,
ignite the eternal fire of my soul,
touch the impulsive flame of madness…

…living in the cycle
of creation and destruction.

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